License Verification

You can create the apk without any license verification. More apks in the play store check for the license verification for the payment and for more things. Some apps you may downloaded from the web which is moded without purchases but it gets unfortunately force close because of the license verification. Using lucky patcher you can patch and create the new modified application of the existing android application without license verification.

Google Ads

You can create the apk without google ads. Most of the application in the world have advertisements and most of it has google ads. It disturbs the user to use application and it uses internet to load ad. The internet is wasted and usage of application is distracted because of the advertisement. So by using the lucky patcher user can create the new modified application without google advertisements.

Changed Permissions

Apps required permissions to use most of the control in the mobile. For example to display ads in the application it needs internet and network state permission. If you disable this permission means app will not display the ads. So by using the lucky patcher user can disable the permission and they can recreate it.

App info

  1. It shows package name of the app.
  2. Main Activity name where the application launches.
  3. App path in the OS app database.
  4. Database path of the app data.
  5. Version of the app.
  6. Build number of the app.
  7. User ID.
  8. Installed date.
  9. Size of the application.
  10. App cache size.


  1. Directly launch application from the lucky patcher.
  2. Uninstall application.
  3. See all the permissions of the application and information about the permission.
  4. Shows the details of In app purchases and google ads.


Welcome to Lucky Patcher. Lucky Patcher is the excellent Android application where you can patch the Android app as your wish. For example, adwelcomeconsider an app which has a lot of ads. The user can create the new patched application using the lucky patcher apk. There are a lot of features more than this things. The Lucky patcher will offer beautiful things once you root your phone or working on the custom OS. You need to install this app and choose the function you need to perform. After selecting the app, you can patch it. Lucky patcher creates the modified application according to your wish and user can install it.


  1. Generate new APK without license verification.
  2. Make new APK without Google Ads
  3. Create new APK with changed permissions.
  4. Launch App directly from there.
  5. Backup the application.
  6. Share application with other users.
  7. Direct uninstall of application.
  8. And much more features in the menu of patches.
  9. You can view app info like package name and all other things what your Android OS info not offers.


Lucky Patcher is available in different versions. 6.2.3 is the latest version released. Lucky Patcher was rectifying the bug step by step and including more features according to the new applications released in the Android market by the various developers from the different places of the world. You can view the versions detail more in the versions tab.


You can download lucky patcher here. Download lists are available on the download tab. Please click the download button or tab to download the lucky patcher apk. Please tick the checkbox of allow application from unknown sources to install the downloaded apk from this website.